A new high-glass addition to the Braunschweig skyline.

30.06.2016: The building neighbouring the Business Center II in Braunschweig is called the "Toblerone" and used to belong to the postal service.more

Everywhere can be outdoors with FLACHGLAS Wernberg.

30.06.2016: The VULKAN Group is a shining example of a German medium-sized company.more

Some of our products pop by for a daily visit.

30.06.2016: The Naab Valley Railway (Naabtalbahn) is actually a line that forms part of the Vogtlandbahn, which, in turn is a company belonging to the...more

FLACHGLAS Wernberg realigns itself.

31.03.2016: With new leadership, a focus on internationalisation and a stronger innovative drive.more