Patterns, colours and motives.
Our printing technologies.

Our innovative printing technologies allow us to print directly on glass as well as on the PVB interlayer in laminated safety glass, both for outside and inside applications. Our colour fastness guarantee for outside use is 10 years being life-long for inside use. Whether screen printing or digital printing: All our printing methods can be combined with each other offering a wide range of patterns, colours and motives.

GlassJet technology
Using the GlassJet technology, ceramic colour is printed directly onto the glass surface. Similar to an ink jet printer, this technique ensures the precise positioning of colour droplets. Even after many years, the full reproducibility of motives remains guaranteed. The GlassJet technology is particularly suited for the production of single panes and unique pieces.

Large scale designs can also be realised: Our new GlassJet Jumbo makes the printing of 3.30 x 6.00 m panes possible. We can therefore fully use the current maximum manufacturing dimension of 2.80 x 6.00 m for TSG/HSG and SIGLADUR® respectively. With 24 print heads the system also permits a faster, high-quality print.

Screen printing
With screen-printing techniques that are ideally suited for series production, the colour is printed onto the glass surface pressing it with a squeegee through a fine-meshed screen. With the extensive standard programme for screen printing offered by FLACHGLAS Wernberg you can individually design your glass solutions.

Roller coating technology
Screen-printing techniques are mainly used in serial production. The so-called roller coating technology is particularly suited for full-surface enamelling. Facade spandrels that are manufactured with this method are absolutely opaque impeding the supporting substructure shows through.

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