Getting to the heart of safety.

Safety is the most important aspect of travelling. Particularly in situations of accidents or emergency, absolutely reliable devices for the protection of passengers are imperative.

The emergency exit system for passenger compartment windows developed exclusively by FLACHGLAS Wernberg is doing a fantastic job in this respect: Rescue services reach accident victims with lightning speed through the emergency exit pane – at the same time, occupants can escape from the danger area just as fast.

The emergency exit pane is easy and safe to handle. The function principle: Each of two laminated safety glasses has a predetermined breaking point integrated into the laminate. The breaking point is marked inside and outside by a circle with a fluorescent outer edge that glows even in the deepest darkness. Only some blows with an emergency hammer or any similar pointed object on the circle are enough to uncover the opening. Optionally, the system can be equipped with an additional protection: the pane then remains caught on the frame and does not drop completely.

The safety system can be produced in almost every shape – flat or curved. Thermal coating provides for the adaption to each individual train design and the required technical values regarding light and energy. Vehicles can also be refitted smoothly as the interfaces to the body remain unchanged. Depending on the vehicle configuration, the application of the system is therefore possible at any point of the pane.

The emergency exit pane works maintenance-free, without current supply or any other additional devices and guarantees high passive security to passengers and rescue services even in case of destruction.

The reliability of this product has been tested: Independent expertises certify the emergency exit system by FLACHGLAS Wernberg a high passive security and an extremely short penetration time of the pane in case of need.

Our emergency exist system enjoys maximum confidence with operators and registration authorities worldwide: In less than three years, we have delivered more than 20.000 systems.

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