Designing new interior worlds.

Glass and glass systems are becoming more and more successful also ih the design of vehicle interior spaces – in high-speed trains, buses as well as in luxury liners.

And for good reasons. On the one hand, glass is an aethetically ambitious stylistic element and on the other hand, it creates spacious amplitude and high visual comfort. Finally, the malleability during the production phase and the robustness in its use guarantee maximum functionality and variability. Hence, from safety aspects glass offers an impressive option.

For years, FLACHGLAS Wernberg has been specialised in the production of complex design panes for interior glazing. All of our solutions are characterised by a high process reliability and a significant reproducibility level.

Our CNC-glass processing machines offer the necessary technology: The construction data for glass components are transferred electronically directly into the production plant. Consequently, the required glass outline is formed with utmost precision. In addition, complex and manifold types of edge processing are also possible. Glass with a thickness of up to approx. 30 mm can be processed quite true to size and outline.

Additional design possibilities for the glazing of vehicle interior spaces result from our screen printing technology: you will be impressed by the diversity of organic and ceramic colours, patterns and motives. Our design team will gladly realise any version you may wish.

Glass opens spaces.

Glass is an exceptionally versatile element for the design of interior spaces.

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