Prepared for all contingencies.

Vehicle glazing gives safety first priority. The glass must guarantee that drivers, passengers or others remain unscathed in case of breakage. FLACHGLAS Wernberg produces safety glasses that meet highest demands on injury protection and functionality:

In case of breakage, toughened safety glass shatters into countless small pieces without causing serious injuries. This effect is due to tempering. With this method, the tension distribution over the glass thickness is being changed resulting a compressive strain on the glass surfaces and a tensile strength in the glass inside.
Laminated safety glass consists of two glass panes stuck together by a special, tearproof interlayer. In case of accident, the glass breaks but keeps as a whole its shape reducing the risk of being catapulted out of the vehicle.

Find here an overview of our production possibilities for toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass.

In addition, all safety glass types can be combined with further functions such as noise control or solar and thermal insulation. Furthermore, we also calculate the necessary glass thickness – taking into consideration the individual demands of our clients and the different mechanical loads.

With a concerted investment in modern facilities, we have continously increased our quality level and the variety of products. By means of innovative technologies, we produce safety glass in most different types. Whether dynamic pressure or suction loads, static surface loads, wash, penetration resistance or explosive-retardant effect – we'll find the best solution for almost every kind of requirement.


Compact: TSG and LSG

toughened safety glass prevents injuries caused by sharp-edged splinters
laminated safety glass reduces the risk of being catapulted out of the vehicle

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