Keeping a cool head.

Glass is today a decisive design element in the development of vehicles. As  glass outer surfaces of trains, cars or ships are enlarging considerably, the glass must perform diverse functions. In particular, climatic comfort is gaining in importance.

FLACHGLAS Wernberg produces heat and solar control glass types that meet the complex demands. Special coatings reflect the infrared sun's rays reducing the incidence of heat inside the vehicle. The climatic comfort for drivers and occupants is improved considerably, the air conditioning is unloaded – and the costs for operators and owners go down.

Based on the thermal coating technology developed and applied exclusively by FLACHGLAS Wernberg, most different types of thermal and solar control glass types can be implemented. The functional principle: In a vacuum boiler, different substrates are vaporised on the glass surfaces. Different fusion and vaporisation points of the substrates result successively in an overlay of several homogeneous, filmy layers. Depending on the quantity and kind of substrates, a large diversity of colouring can be achieved.

The following glass types can be coated in our production facilities,
among others:

  • float glass, semi-tempered or tempered glass
  • laminated glass (laminated safety glass)
  • screen printed glass (4 mm up to 10 mm thickness, 2-shelled or 10-shelled)
  • flat and curved glass

    Unique items can also be produced in our thermal coating plant. Please contact us, we'll gladly implement your individual requirements.


    Compact: thermal and solar control

    • infrared sun's rays are reflected
    • high climate comfort
    • production of unique items also possible

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