Toughened safety glass
for individual design.


DELODUR® Design is a screen printed toughened safety glass according to DIN EN 12150-2. Based on a thermal treatment it is particularly resistant to mechanical loads. And the look is in line with your requirement. For, we print the desired design on the glass. 

With latest digital and screen-printing techniques we ensure optimal implementation of your design and motif requirements. In both techniques ceramic colours are fused with the glass surface during the subsequent tempering process. Thus, the paint application becomes highly resistant to outside influences offering at the same time an exceptional, long-lasting colour brilliance.

DELODUR® Design can show your motifs wherever toughened safety glass is used. It is suitable for doors, all-glass systems, partition walls, banisters and furniture as well es for impressive facade solutions and large-scale walls. For this purpose, the motif is divided into separate glass units and then pieced together after the printing showing its striking size. 

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Printing service

Whether it be partial printing of graphics or full-surface photographic images, series production or one-off items: We implement light and weather-resistant glass designs with your desired motif.

Digital printing with the GlassJet
With digital printing, the ceramic inks are applied directly to the glass by means of a GlassJet printer. This allows for a wide variety of designs and photographic images to be implemented provided the relevant digital templates can be made available.

Screen printing
In the case of the screen printing process, which is excellently suited to series production, the ink is applied to the surface of the glass by means of a fine-mesh screen using a squeegee. FLACHGLAS Wernberg offers you an extensive range of standard screen printing designs enabling you to create your individual glass solutions.

Which of these two printing techniques is the most suitable for your particular needs depends on the project size, application and desired colours. We would be only too happy to discuss your requirements with you in person. Thanks to our comprehensive range of standard screen printing designs, we can also offer you a large selection of further design options.
Give us your design, and we will implement it in outstanding quality. Or why not select from the large variety of standard templates available. Simply ask us, and we will find the best solution for your idea. 

Your motif, our competence.

What do you want us to have printed? Just give us a call, we will be glad to advise you. Find more information on our techniques under Technical information in our Media-Center.

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Screen-printing standard programme

FLACHGLAS Wernberg offers you a wide range of screen-printing motifs. What's more: We can also implement your individual design ideas.

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