Our glass is loadable.
Our laminated safety glass.

Being an increasingly innovative and variable stylistic element, glass must also satisfy high demands on robustness and load capacity. Thus, for structural glass applications like protective barriers, overhead glazing, glass canopies or walkable glass only one solution is therefore feasible: SIGLA® laminated safety glass.

SIGLA® laminated safety glass is assembled by two or multiple float glass panes that are bonded to a glass unit by means of tearproof interlayers. In case of glass breakage, pieces adhere to the interlayer minimizing significantly any risk of injury caused by slivers or glass fragments. SIGLA® also features excellent visual properties and high light transmission. For particularly severe loads, we recommend the use of SIGLADUR® – our laminated safety glass made of two heat strengthened glass units.

What's more: With SIGLA® Motive and SIGLA® Color special artistic solutions can also be implemented. are also possible. They integrate individually selectable photo prints into the laminated safety glass, thus providing fascinating visual effects.

SIGLAPLUS® and SIGLAPLUS® S are variants of a so-called glass sandwich, where two glass panes are bonded by means of a strong interlayer, allowing the use of glass in large dimensions.

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