Nothing can penetrate our glass. Except for light.
Our safety insulation glass.

Today, glass is one of the most important architectural design elements. In order to guarantee the same design possibilities also to properties with high danger potential, our safety glass types offer highly-effective protection against crime. With ALLSTOP® PRIVAT you make penetration of glass difficult and prevent potential burglars from quick work. ALLSTOP® PRIVAT provides individual selectable protection.

ALLSTOP® Bullet-proof glass is required in all those places where especially high asset values must be safeguarded and the integrity of persons be guaranteed. ALLSTOP® Bullet-proof glass is conceived to meet the most different safety requirements:

- attack-resistant (fulfilling German and European standards and according to VDS)
- bullet-resistant (with a differentiated scaling according to weapons,
  kind of munition and impact of projectile)
- explosion-resistant (for blast-resistant systems)

In addition, choosing ALLSTOP® allows for interesting combination options. For example through the connection to alarm systems, or effective energy savings when it is combined with vetroTherm.

Combined with an alarm system our varied alarm glass designs meet the strictest criteria regarding burglary protection. Depending on a building’s requirements our alarm glass may be equipped with additional functions like thermal insulation or sound control.

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