Burglar-proof glass. For a safe feeling.


Transparent construction is an important stylistic element of modern architecture. Living and working in light-flooded rooms has always been an embodiment for an upscale lifestyle.

Security-sensitive objects or endangered locations are in no case excluded. For, ALLSTOP® realises glass architecture at any endangered place not accepting any compromise as to security and safety.

Residential buildings, establishments, offices and showcases are normally protected reliably against burglary with ALLSTOP® PRIVAT. If additional bullet resistance and protection against gross acts of violence, or safeguard of particularly high asset values are required (for example: banking institutions, data processing centres or exclusive shops) then, the best partner is called ALLSTOP® bullet-proof glass.

There is no hundred percent protection against violent burglary. Extending the time of bullet-resistance is a decisive factor to keep intruders away as the object becomes unattractive to them. ALLSTOP® makes glass crash difficult and prevents potential burglars from quick work. In addition, the combination with DELODUR® or SIGLA® alarm glass and an alarm system is recommended, for instance, for the glazing of showcases and exclusive residential buildings.

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The multilayer structure of ALLSTOP® PRIVAT and ALLSTOP® bullet-proof glass offers protection against burglary, robbery and vandalism. Several glass sheets and highly tear-proof films are processed to special laminated glass bodies forming glass packs of different thickness, depending on the resistance class. Compared to usual float glass, the laminate keeps its stability even in case of damage, and impedes penetration or absorbs the energy of penetrating bullets.

In particular, the increased personal security in private and public life often requires additional security properties. In order to ensure the most effective protection, the bullet- and explosion-resistance of our ALLSTOP® bullet-proof glass has also been verified. Defined tests with manual attacks, different arms and munitions as well as explosion shock waves allow for a differentiated scaling of the security effect that can be selected for the protection of endangered persons and areas, depending on the specific risk.

In either case, consulting with the Criminal Investigation Department or Security Advisors pays off. For, planning diligence prevents both personal injury and high property damage.

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01. ALLSTOP® makes secure:
With the laminated structure of several glass sheets and highly tear-proof films, effective protection against aggression, burglary and vandalism is achieved.

02. ALLSTOP® widens horizons:
It makes the generous application of glass in security-sensitive areas possible, without losing sight of the demands on personal and property protection.

03. ALLSTOP® is multi-faceted:
The wide range of types and combinations ensures at any time a perfect, object-compatible security concept.

04. ALLSTOP® is approved:
All types meet, of course, the classification according to the European Norms DIN EN 356 and DIN EN 1063, or the requirements of the German regulation for loss prevention (‘VdS’).

05. ALLSTOP® has strong partners:
In combination with other function glass types, ALLSTOP® provides additional functions, such as thermal insulation, solar control, sound insulation and alarm release connected with an alarm system.

06. ALLSTOP® is reliable:
All types have been tested for its resistance to crash, bullets or explosion, depending on their classification.

07. ALLSTOP® is available for interior and exterior space:
It is available as one-shell glass for interior works and as double-shell insulation glass unit for facades.

08. ALLSTOP® is recommendable:
The mounting of a burglary-resistant glass in combination with effectively secured frames is strongly recommended by the police as security device.

09. ALLSTOP® is easy on the nerves:
In case of burglary, not only material damage is painful – emotional stress for those directly affected is also a factor that is not to be underestimated.

10. ALLSTOP® is clear:
With Pilkington Optiwhite as basic glass (optionally) a green tint is avoided to a large extent even on thick ALLSTOP® glass.

Stricter security measures pay off particularly on the ground floor.

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ALLSTOP® P6B: The lightweight alternative in safety glasses.

The company FLACHGLAS Wernberg has just released a new glass type, the ALLSTOP® P6B-15, with a total thickness of just 15 mm as a single-pane glass, and a minimum thickness of 29 mm as an insulating glass.
Thanks to its novel construction, the new ALLSTOP® P6B-15 is characterised by its low weight and thickness compared to previously available constructions and can be processed in a wide variety of combinations. The reduced overall thickness allows this glass to be used in a range of applications that were not technically feasible before.
The ALLSTOP® glass type has been developed, in particular, for producing thinner triple-layer insulating glass for use in new constructions, or double layer glass for use in the refurbishment of windows or facades.


ALLSTOP® BR4-S: a new addition to our diverse range of bulletproof glass products.

Available as of now from FLACHGLAS Wernberg in resistance class BR4 S in accordance with DIN EN 1063 and class P6B in accordance with DIN EN 356, our new ALLSTOP® BR4-S-12 glass has an overall thickness of 32 mm and can be supplied as monoglass or insulating glass with a minimum thickness of 46 mm.

The new ALLSTOP® glass boasts impressive test results for penetration prevention and bulletproof characteristics and can be manufactured in a wide range of combinations, including thermal insulation, sun protection and soundproofing, as well as for triggering an alarm in combination with an alarm system.

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