Colour-enamelled spandrels
for creative facade design.


DELOGCOLOR® RC is a coloured enamelled spandrel panel of toughened safety glass. In combination with FLACHGLAS Wernberg insulation glass, DELOGCOLOR® RC adds a harmonising element to large-scale facades.

The high quality of colour provided by DELOGCOLOR® RC is based on an innovative coating process – the so-called roller coating: The pane is laid alongside a fluted rubber roller, and the glass surface is coated at the same time with an enamel colour. A uniformly and homogeneously enamelled surface is obtained without the addition of solvents.

DELOGCOLOR® RC offers you a wide range of standard colours, both for facades and interiors. Beyond the standard colours, almost all colours known from screen printing can also be realised.

Our PDF DELOGCOLOR® RC Standardfarben (in German only) will give you an impression of our range of colours.

DELOGCOLOR® RC is available in standard thicknesses of 6 mm and 8 mm. Thicknesses from 5 mm up to 19 mm (and up to 12 mm for HSG) can also be supplied.

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Colour-enamelled spandrel
The large variety of colours and design options offered by DELOGCOLOR® RC and DELOGCOLOR® DESIGN makes beat creative hearts faster. Planners and architects enjoy high flexibility in designing: An extensive range of standard colours from white to grey to black – almost the whole range of RAL colours and also special colours on request that are based on other colour systems.

For further creative impulses DELOGCOLOR® DESIGN takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the screen printing technique. Besides multi-coloured printing undreamt of possibilities for form and decor printing are possible to be implemented.

DELOGCOLOR® RC and DELOGCOLOR® DESIGN are far more than just visual highlights: The full-surface enamelling on the back side is of particularly high quality and colourfast – and meets every desire for durability.

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01. DELOGCOLOR® RC is sturdy.
As toughened safety glass, they guarantee due resistance to impact, shock and bending loads as well as to thermal influences. And as standard, they undergo a Heat-Soak-Test (TSG-H)..

02. DELOGCOLOR® RC is multifaceted.
They can be applied both in ventilated and non-ventilated facades, linear or punctiform supportes, or in structural glazing facades.

03. DELOGCOLOR® RC remains unchanged.
The back enamelling that is firmly fixed to the glass surface guarantees colourfastness and durability.

Thanks to almost unlimited colour and design variety, most ideas can be implemented.

05. DELOGCOLOR® RC and DELOGCOLOR® DESIGN are fully developed.
Special production processes ensure uniform pain applications that no other process can offer.

06. DELOGCOLOR® RC is self-cleaning if requested.
In combination with Pilkington Activ™ the glass surface of DELOGCOLOR® RC and INFRACLAD® offers a dual-active self-cleaning effect.

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