Our glass is efficient. It is able to benefit from the sun.
The solar control glass.

Our solar control glass types INFRASTOP® and SOLARWER® have decisively influenced the development of glass architecture. Today, the cityscape of many international megacities is shaped by elegant glass transparency. The combination of different functions is creating continuously new options.

INFRASTOP® and SOLARWER® perform an efficient energy management combining extremely effective solar protection and thermal insulation with good light transmission. In summer, the heating radiation is rejected. In winter, the heat remains inside the room. Independent of the season, the major part of visible light is getting inside. In addition, our solar control glass types feature a wide range of reflecting paints. Based on our special technology, the Wernberg Thermal Coating, up to 80 different colours and colour tones respectively are possible.

The combined use with INFRACLAD® facade spandrels is a perfect solution for the structuring of the whole facade.

Solar control

  • 40 years creating style
  • highly-effective solar protection
  • good light transmission
  • numerous combinations with other functions

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