Solar control glass.
For best climate and much transparency.


Glass adds lightness and atmosphere to buildings and light to our life. On the other hand, large glass surfaces can also provoke that rooms are heated up by solar radiation. Any kind of solar control measure counteracts this effect but also reduces the incidence of light.

INFRASTOP® keeps both requirements under control: it offers highly efficient protection against the heat rays of the sun and permits at the same time a good portion of visible sunlight enter into the room. What’s more: in winter it keeps the heat inside thanks to an excellent U-value. This clever combination of functions makes INFRASTOP® a brilliant energy manager for every season.

We have increased the efficiency once more: Thanks to a special triple-body, INFRASTOP® III offers new peak values making an effective contribution to climate protection. Energy consumption is minimised, CO2-emissions are reduced strongly. 

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INFRASTOP® solar control glass panes owe their effectiveness to the thin precious-metal coating on the outside glass panel towards the spacing of the panes selecting penetrating sunbeams on the basis of their wavelength: the infrared radiation of the sun is reflected to a great extent, whereas a relatively high portion of natural daylight can pass. This means less thermal load and at the same time light, bright interiors.

The INFRASTOP® types Brillant 66/33 and 50/25 N complete the range of solar control glass panes with excellent selectivity values. They ensure the lowest possible energy permeability coefficient and a high incidence of light at low reflectance, and in addition are almost colour-neutral.

For your information: The selectivity of a solar control glass type can be identified by its classification indicating its capability, namely the light permeability-total energy permeability ratio.

Example: The new INFRASTOP® Brillant 66/33 permits the incidence of 66 % daylight into rooms but only allows a total energy permeability of 36 %. Dividing 66 by 36 produces a selectivity of nearly 2. This value can hardly be topped as it is already very close to the limit of being physically feasible.

In addition, the minimal U-value of 1,1 W/m2K with a usual gas filling in the 2-panes insulation glass body is also very close to the limit of being physically feasible.


INFRASTOP® III provides maximum energy output in any season and reduces CO2-emissions sustainably. In summer, energy is also saved effectively: INFRASTOP® III minimises the heating of rooms and, consequently, unloads air-conditioning. In winter, it keeps the warmth inside thanks to an excellent U-value.

Based on the triple structure, the solar control function is also optimised. Total energy permeability coefficients are reduced even more: Depending on the respective solar control glass type, INFRASTOP® III attains g-values between 39 percent and 16 percent.

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01. INFRASTOP® leaves the heat outside:
The infrared radiation of the sun is partly warded off and a warming-up of the interior is retarded.

02. INFRASTOP® lets the daylight come in:
The relatively high light permeability provides naturally bright interiors.

03. INFRASTOP® offers best thermal insulating properties:
Thanks to an U-value of up to 1,1 W/m2K, in winter it keeps the heat inside the room. In addition, the thermally improved spacer reduces heat loss in the edge area of the glass pane.

04. INFRASTOP® is the glass with high energy efficiency:
It relieves air-conditioning and heating systems, and less artificial light is needed compared to solar control glass panes with a comparable total energy permeability coefficient.

05. INFRASTOP® protects our climate:
With triple glazing in particular, energy consumption is reduced considerably and CO2-emissions are minimised sustainably.

06. INFRASTOP® is a master of colours:
A wide range of different reflectance colours – from intensive colour effects up to completely neutral finishes – offers an ample scope of design possibilities.

07. INFRASTOP® is multifunctional:
It can be combined with other functional glass panes, thus coping with many additional functions such as sound insulation, burglary protection, radar-reflection damping or self-cleaning.

08. INFRASTOP® is open for creative architectural ideas:
Overhead glazing, point-fitted facades, structural glazing and curved panes of most different radii, in combination with colour, allow for sensational effects.

09. INFRASTOP® designs more than windows:
The wide assortment of colour-adapted façade panels realises impressive designs completely made of glass.

10. INFRASTOP® offers high-performance products:
Based on optimal selectivity values and minimal heat-transmittance coefficients, the glass types Brillant 66/33 and 50/25 N meet highest energy-saving and visual demands.

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Wernberg Thermal Coating

The Wernberg Thermal Coating ('WTB') is one of the leading technologies in the field of glass processing. Developed more than 40 years ago and constantly optimised since then, this coating technique continues offering glass new possibilities of use.

Our coating competence.

  • almost unlimited colour and reflection settings
  • perfect colour brilliance
  • refitting for almost all colour tones

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