Our glass creates silence. And is kind to your health.
The sound control glass.

Noise has become a common stress factor. Our high-performance sound control insulation glass minimises the acoustic impact providing at the same time a maximum incidence of light – generous glazing is, therefore, also possible in extremely noise-exposed areas. Adjusted to local factors and your individual needs, PHONSTOP® creates pleasant silence increasing quality of life.

Depending on the sound level and the frequency spectrum of its source, completely different types of noise reducing insulation glasses are frequently required: in the proximity of the airport it would be another one than near the motorway.

With a wide range of diversified sound control glass types, FLACHGLAS Wernberg offers tailor-made solutions for living and working situations in noise-exposed locations.

PHONSTOP® can be combined with other function glass types thus ensuring thermal or burglary protection simultaneously, for example.

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