Sound control glass. For more silence in life.


Modern urban life is getting faster – and louder. Traffic, road works, industrial plants, public events: noise is one of the stress factors society is exposed to at an increasing rate.

Undesirable, continuous noise exposure has a deep impact on men’s life – in the end, endangering their health. The consequences are sleep and concentration disorders, cardiovascular diseases, aggressions and nervousness.

With PHONSTOP® the sound level for living and working situations in noise-exposed areas turns to “low” – without renouncing the use of generous glazing. The wide range of different sound insulation glass types provides tailor-made solutions for every noise exposure conceivable.

What's more, PHONSTOP® contributes considerably to environment: Thanks to an innovative triple structure, our ClimateProtectionGlass type PHONSTOP® III reduces thermal loss and minimises CO2-emissions. In other words: PHONSTOP® increases quality of life.

Less noise.

The sound simulator makes is clear. Listen here.

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When is loud really "loud"? Sensitivity to noise is a subjective matter and is, therefore, not measurable. One man's annoyance must not apply to another man in equal measure. However, the sound intensity of a noise can easily be specified with an objective physical value: the sound pressure level (SPL). Busy roads can cause for example 70 to 80 decibel, industrial plants even more than 100 decibel. Such background noises call for urgent acoustic insulation in adjacent living and working locations.

For a better understanding of the phenomenon “noise”, we cite the following examples and comparisons. The table shows some typical sounds with the corresponding levels and the sensitivity caused.



Reliable thermal insulation is standard with PHONSTOP®. All  types are already combined with vetroTherm as insulation glass. With a special triple structure PHONSTOP® even turns into ClimateProtectionGlass.

PHONSTOP® III offers top Ug-values of up to 0.5 W/M2K together with excellent Rw-values. Heat remains inside, energy consumption is minimised and CO2 emissions are reduced sustainably.

Effective protection against noise exposure saving at the same time valuable energy: PHONSTOP® III.

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01. PHONSTOP® creates peace:
From outside to inside, or inside buildings – PHONSTOP® reduces effectively the incident of acoustic noise in window and door areas.

02. PHONSTOP® is flexible:
Depending on the room use and the sound source, PHONSTOP® offers tailor-made solutions for every individual need for rest.

03. PHONSTOP® widens horizons:
Even noise-exposed locations permit the generous application of glass followed by a light-flooded building design.

04. PHONSTOP® saves energy and costs:
By default, all types are already coupled with vetroTherm kombiniert. In addition, PHONSTOP® is also available as ClimateProtectionGlass with special triple structures.

05. PHONSTOP® is an all-rounder:
Thanks to its wide range of possible combinations with other function glass type, PHONSTOP® also fulfils the desire for burglary protection, solar protection and self-cleaning function.

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