Multisafe alarm glass,
SIGLA® alarm glass, DELODUR® alarm glass

High-performance alarm glass for more security.

Multisafe alarm glass

Multisafe alarm glass is composed of a single-pane safety glass panel and an insulating glass pane. As compound both panes are fixed together by means of a spacer and an edge seal so that the single-pane safety glass panel is on the outside. In its edge area there is a conductor loop burned into the pane’s surface which carries bias current. A high-performance edge seal system protects this loop from external influences, thus minimises the risk of a false alarm. In case the pane is destroyed it breaks into a net of glass crumbs. The conductor loop breaks as well and triggers an alarm signal via the alarm system connected to it.

Multisafe alarm glass is a VdS-approved and ISO-certified system that meets the strictest criteria regarding burglary protection. Hence it provides great security and allows a straightforward claims procedure with the insurance company in the event of damage. Following the production process each Multisafe alarm glass pane will be tested with regard to proper functioning and its resistance.

Multisafe alarm glass is available either with visible or invisible alarm loop and it may be combined with further functions like thermal insulation or sound control.

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DELODUR® alarm glass

DELODUR® alarm glass is a toughened safety glass with an unobtrusive, current-carrying alarm loop burned into the glass surface. This connector loop, approximately 48 mm in diameter, is attached to the edge area of the glass pane and resembles a spider’s web. In small panes, as for example in muntin windows, the alarm loop might project into the visible glass surface, hence might be more noticeable.

In the event of damage DELODUR® alarm glass breaks into a net of glass crumbs. The alarm loop that carries bias current breaks, too, and the resulting fault will be conveyed to the connected burglary protection system. This system assesses the impulse and converts it into an alarm signal. Apart from this alarm-triggering function DELODUR® alarm glass has the same attributes as DELODUR® toughened safety glass.

When using DELODUR® alarm glass in double-pane insulating glass units it tends to be installed as outer glass pane. To protect it from sabotage and water the alarm loop will be positioned on the inner side of the pane towards the space between the glass panes. When used in a triple-pane glazing unit DELODUR® alarm glass may be either installed as outer or middle pane.

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