Point-fixed glass

Facade glass featuring a weightless impression.


Our point-fixed glass is the optimal solution for the implementation of innovative glass construction projects, both aesthetically and technically.
The principle: the glass is point-fixed to the substructure without disturbing frames. The result: a maximum light transmission and a filigree, weightless aesthetic appearance.

Our point-fixed glass units save time and costs: they have received the
German General Building Inspectorate Approval ('AbZ') and also offer reviewed and verified glass statics for most of the applications. This saves you interminable approval procedures – and you can immediately start with the installation.

Our point-fixed glass permits the flexible utilization of the most different types of glass. The range goes from toughened safety glass to laminated safety glass, and all the way up to insulation glass. The programme of stainless steel point-fixings provides you with multiple variants. Be it flush or mounted, rigid or articulated, in a wide variety of diameters: it's yours to choose from.

Point-fixed glass: the advantages

  • German General Building Inspectorate Approval ('AbZ') available
  • Already reviewed and verified statics for most of the applications available
  • Shortened project duration
  • Increased planning reliability
  • Comprehensive programme of point-fixings

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