Laminated safety glass
for new options in glass construction.



The laminated safety glass SIGLAPLUS® is a so-called glass sandwich allowing the use of glass in large dimensions. Both technically and aesthetically it meets the high demands which today are placed on innovative glass construction. SIGLAPLUS® is certified according to DIN EN 14449 and approved by the German Institute of Construction Engineering according to Z-70.3-143.

SIGLAPLUS® consists of two glass panes fixed together by means of a strong interlayer. To do so the experts at FLACHGLAS Wernberg make use of a specially developed procedure. Numerous tests have proven SIGLAPLUS®’ excellent quality regarding residual strength, edge stability and thermal resistance.

Another advantage: SIGLAPLUS® offers a variety of installation options. For fixation to the substructure, our stainless-steel holders for point-fixed glass units are the perfect solution.


The variant SIGLAPLUS® S is our laminated safety glass with shear bond. In order to be able to optimally guarantee its special quality it is subjected to additional internal and external tests. Regarding its production as well as its physical, chemical and mechanical qualities it equates the high standards of SIGLAPLUS®.

Due to SIGLAPLUS® S’ approbation by the German Institute of Construction Engineering according to Z-70.3-143 it is possible to take into account the shear bond between the single panes in the structural calculations.  This benefit allows for a reduction of the glass panes’ thickness of up to 30 percent without impacting the excellent structural properties and the attested stability of SIGLAPLUS®.

Due to weather-related loads such as wind or snow as well as live loads caused by people the shear bond between the single panes may vary. Within certain limits SIGLAPLUS® S allows to take this shear bond into account.


Both variants of our laminated safety glass are also available as UV-permeable alternative SIGLAPLUS® UV. It is used in botanical gardens, vivariums and winter gardens, for example.

All details at a glance.

You will find further information on the processing and utilisation of SIGLAPLUS® and SIGLAPLUS® S in the ”Technical Information“.

TI 015 laminated safety glass SIGLAPLUS®, SIGLAPLUS® S (PDF 580 KB) (in German only)

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