The all-glass facade without visible means of support.


Structural glazing element facades captivate by a uniform, consistent glass look. The special bonding principle provides for maximum effects thanks to a completely homogeneous glass surface without the need for external fixing or protection elements.

The single units of structural glazing element facades are pre-assembled in our plant and then glued to the supporting elements. We constantly review the physical properties of the potential sealant in order to ensure maximum safety of the compound. The elements are then installed on site into the facade according to our instructions.

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Structural glazing facades feature a uniform visual appearance in glass and flush-mounting without projecting frame parts.

Differences here are:

SSG = Structural Sealant Glazing
means the all-sides adhesion of glass to a supporting frame being the main function of the sealant to operate as a barrier against wind suction loads. In any case, the dead load must be absorbed by the block setting. In Germany, this type of glazing is only permitted if the German General Building Inspectorate Approval ('AbZ') for the system is available, or an approval in a given case. For most of the constructions and for all applications where the installation height is above 8m, an additional mechanical protection of panes is required. Depending on the type of glazing, a special edge processing of the glass is necessary.

Mechanically supported glass elements
where the glass is supported by means of discs, clamps, fittings or similar. Where applicable, such systems require a building inspectorate approval, or an approval in a given case.

Special glass types for the all-glass facade engineering

In principle, all single-glazed panes made of DELODUR® toughened safety glass as well as INFRASTOP® insulation glass with UV resistant silicone edge bond are suitable. It must be observed that the coating does not exceed the glued edge bond system, otherwise it would be visible from the outside. In case the production of a supporting adhesion on an enamelled spandrel or a partially printed pane is required we would recommend the compliance with
the regulations of the German General Building Inspectorate Approval
No. Z-70.1-75 concerning the bonding with the sealant DC 993 by Dow Corning GmbH.

Design SG of 6 to 12mm thickness as well as the different INFRACOLOR® SG types of 8mm thickness, and also INFRASTOP® and vetroTherm as stepped glazing units in combination with DELODUR® Design meet the requirements of the approval.

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