Our glass is clever. It saves valuable energy.
The thermal insulation glass.

When it is getting cold outside, our thermal insulation glass types offer double performance: they let pass much light keeping the heat inside the room. All glass specifications feature a particularly low heat transfer coefficient. At the same time, they offer a high total solar factor for passive energy generation.

Thermal insulating spacers (TPS=Thermo-Plastic Spacers) potentiate this effect and ensure optimised thermal insulation also in the edge area of the glass. As a result, the room-sided surface temperatures are higher than with conventional metal spacers, and the formation of condensate in the interior is minimised. What's more: with thermal insulating spacers the heat transfer coefficient of the whole pane element can be improved of at least 0,1 W/m²K.

Thermal insulation

  • particularly low heat transfer coefficient
  • high solar factor
  • TPS optimise the thermal insulation in the edge area of the glass

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