Thermal insulation glass.
For much light and comforting ambience.


The high-performance thermal insulation glasses of the vetroTherm family are real high-tech products: With a specific precious-metal coating and special inert-gas fillings, loss of thermal heat is minimized by outwards radiation. Depending on the type, vetroTherm offers U-values up to 0,5 W/m² K and, as a consequence, heat-insulation qualities of a well insulated stonework. The highly efficient heat insulation coating in the interspace of panes is hardly perceptible both as to view and transparency, and is nearly colour-neutral.

By using two different coatings, varying inert gas in the interspace and triple structures manifold performance levels are obtained:

When it is getting cold outside, glazing must render twice as much services: not only letting in much light but also keeping the heat inside the room.

The high-performance vetroTherm thermal insulation glass panes are real high-tech products and skilfully meet both requirements: With a specific precious-metal coating and special inert-gas fillings, they minimise the loss of thermal heat by outwards radiation. In addition, all vetroTherm glass types feature a very high light permeability.

What’s more: With vetroTherm you feel comfortable and warm even close to the window. Thanks to its excellent insulating properties, the temperature of the pane surface is almost as high as it is inside the room. Where old glazing had created before a cool and draughty ambience, vetroTherm adds extra square metres of well-being to interiors.

The combination with Pilkington Activ™ makes vetroTherm particularly easy to clean.

Our ClimateProtectionGlass vetroTherm Trio provides top energy-saving performance: a special triple body (triple structure) halves the energy losses once more – combined with a lasting reduction of CO2-emissions. Find out more about vetroTherm Trio at ClimateProtectionGlass.

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Glass is a unique material, there is nothing similar able to generate passive – i.e. thermal heat for free – solar energy from natural solar radiation. Thanks to its singular characteristics, solar radiation permeates into buildings warming up interiors and, at the same time, saving costs for thermal energy.

The g-value indicates the volume of passive energy generation, that is to say the total energy transmittance. The higher the value, the higher is the energy generation.

In addition to the g-value, the Ug-value is also a primary assessment factor for a thermal insulation glass. It indicates the volume of thermal energy that is lost outwards. The lower the Ug-value, the lower is the loss – and the better is the thermal insulation. Depending on the glass type, vetroTherm provides Ug-values of up to 0,5 W/m2K and has, as a consequence, thermal insulation properties of a well-insulated bricking.

Only the balance of both values, i.e. the optimal combination of a low Ug-value and a high g-value, reveals the quality of a thermal insulation glass. Low heat loss, high energy generation: all vetroTherm glass panes are highly efficient in this respect.

And there is still another big plus of vetroTherm: all types fulfil the increased demands of the German energy saving regulation without any difficulty – thus making an important contribution to climate protection.

vetroTherm Trio

Thanks to a special triple structure, our ClimateProtectionGlass type vetroTherm Trio offers far more output than conventional insulation glass types with only double structure. vetroTherm Trio reduces the loss of valuable energy by up to 50 %. Depending on the glass type, vetroTherm Trio provides Ug-values of up to 0,5 W/m2K – comparable to the thermal properties of a well-insulated bricking.

What's more: vetroTherm Trio uses the solar energy for room heating – and generates additional heat energy for free. With a total energy permeability coefficient of 50 percent, vetroTherm Trio again shows convincing values.

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01. vetroTherm keeps the heat inside:
Based on its advanced precious-metal coating and special inert gas fillings in the space between the panes, heat loss is minimised.

02. vetroTherm is productive:
Due to the high passive use of solar energy, vetroTherm gains additional thermal heat for free.

03. vetroTherm increases living comfort:
Thanks to the low temperature gradient between the surface of the pane and the compartment air, you feel comfortable and warm even near the window.

04. vetroTherm is descreet:
The highly efficient thermal insulation coating in the space between the panes is hardly perceivable, both as to the view and to the transparency, and nearly colour-neutral.

05. vetroTherm is cost-saving:
Low heat loss, no needlessly high heating costs – the energy budget is discharged considerably.

06. vetroTherm is eco-friendly:
The eco-system Earth is happy about every saved cent for heating costs.

07. vetroTherm is examplary:
vetroTherm provides an excellent energy balance based on both low Ug-values and high g-values, thus fully meeting all legal requirements for thermal insulation.

08. vetroTherm is extremely powerful:
Heat transfer coefficients of up to 1,0 W/m2K for vetroTherm and of up to 0,5 W/m2K for vetroTherm Trio ensure transparent thermal insulation for highest demands.

09. vetroTherm is an all-rounder:
In combination with other function glass types, vetroTherm also fulfils many additional functions, such as sound insulation, burglary protection or self-cleaning.

10. vetroTherm insulates up to the edge:
The application of a thermally optimised spacer allows for a reduction of heat bridges at the critical transition point from the glass to the frame.

Same applies to renovation: more comfort and less heating costs.

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