Banisters and balustrades.

Banisters and balustrades made of glass give interiors transparent elegance and optical spaciousness. In structural applications, however, glass also has to meet high material standards: AmbientGlass products provide maximum safety and combine aesthetic design with high functionality.

Flexibility is our aim: Our laminated and toughened safety glass types for banisters and balustrades are extremely loadable providing at the same time particularly artistic solutions: customised printing allows for stunning visual effects.

Selected products


Assembled by two or multiple glass panes that are bonded with a highly tear-proof interlayer, thus ensuring high residual strength.
Technical information SIGLA® (PDF 61 KB) >

SIGLA® Color Intensive colour in combination with full transparency.




A so-called glass sandwich permitting the use for large glass surfaces. Consists of two glass panes fixed together by means of a novel, extremely powerful interlayer.
Technical information SIGLAPLUS® / SIGLAPLUS® S (PDF 580 KB) > (in German only)

SIGLADUR® Laminated safety glass of two or multiple heat strengthened glass units (HSG). Particularly suitable for structural applications.


Toughened safety glass that is particularly resistant to mechanical loads thanks to a special thermal treatment.
Product brochure DELODUR®/PORTADUR®/VARIADUR® (PDF 1 MB) >

DELODUR® Design Screen or digitally printed toughened safety glass. During the manufacturing process the colours are permanently fused with the glass surface.
Product brochure printed glass (PDF 1MB) >

All products can be provided with screen or digital printing and combined with many textured glass types.

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