Multisafe alarm glass – the burglary
protection glass for more security.

FLACHGLAS Wernberg expands its facade glass portfolio in the field of burglary protection and produces Multisafe alarm glass as further contribution to modern building protection.

Security through precise function.
Multisafe alarm glass is composed of an insulating glass pane and a single-pane safety glass panel with a conductor loop burned into the surface of the latter. This conductor loop carries bias current. A high-performance edge seal system protects the alarm loop from external influences, thus minimises the risk of a false alarm. In case the glass pane is destroyed it breaks into a net of glass crumbs. The conductor loop breaks as well and triggers an alarm signal.

Security on a high level.
As VdS-approved, ISO-certified and in-house tested system Multisafe alarm glass meets the strictest criteria regarding burglary protection. It provides highest security and allows a straightforward claims procedure with your insurance company in the event of damage. Multisafe alarm glass is available either with visible or invisible alarm loop and it may be combined with further functions like thermal insulation or sound control.

Security in any question.
You have got questions or are interested in Multisafe alarm glass’ technical details and manifold advantages? Then you are welcome to contact your sales representative or to use our contact form. We are looking forward to providing you with comprehensive information on our new product Multisafe alarm glass.

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