Type ”S“ – our special for special purposes.

After having received the approbation Z-70.3-170 by the German Institute of Construction FLACHGLAS Wernberg now offers you – apart from our standard laminated safety glass SIGLAPLUS® – a special variant with shear bond: SIGLAPLUS® S.

Thoroughly tested for total safety.

In addition to those quality tests performed on the standard variant, SIGLAPLUS® S is submitted to further, order-specific tests, for example with regard to ultimate tensile strength. The so-called pummel test is obligatory, too. Among experts this test is considered a reliable method to ensure the quality of laminated safety glass. The test determines the amount of broken pieces still adhering to the interlayer in order to minimise the risk of being hurt by loose glass shards.

Information for those who are interested.

You are interested in our new product type with shear bond and its various applications at the highest security level? Just contact your sales representative or use our contact form. We are looking forward to provide you with comprehensive information on our new product SIGLAPLUS® S.

All details at a glance.

You will find further information on the processing and utilisation of the new dimension of safety glass in the ”Technical Information“.

TI 015 laminated safety glass SIGLAPLUS®, SIGLAPLUS® S (PDF 580 KB) (in German only)

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