vetroSafe Walk – the new dimension of walkable glass.

Everybody knows it – this fascination for walking on transparent glass surfaces and to step onto something originally fragile. The special appeal of walkable glass lies exactly in this contrast of safe stability of a transparent material. Our new walkable laminated safety glass vetroSafe Walk is highly versatile, thus a real gain when it comes to creative interior design. vetroSafe Walk not only expands our product portfolio but also the visual impression of prestigious rooms and facilities.

All-side safety through four-side support.
The laminated safety glass vetroSafe Walk rests linearly on all four sides and is classified as walkable glass construction. It is characterised by its advantageous simplicity and does not require any further testing. vetroSafe Walk is available in five variants, each as vetroFloat or vetroFloat WG respectively. Furthermore it can easily be combined with our non-slip prints of anti-slip classes R9 – R12, thus providing a further advantage for crystal-clear safety.

Further information for those who are interested.
You are interested in our new standard product vetroSafe Walk and its manifold applications? Please contact your sales representative or use our contact form. We will gladly provide you with further information on our new product vetroSafe Walk.

All details at a glance.

You will find further information on the processing and applications of SIGLA® Walk in the “Technical information” sheet (in German only).

TI 003E SIGLA® Walk
(PDF 1.9 MB)

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