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Flachglas aktuell 2.13

New possibilties with DELOGCOLOR® RC.

Our coloured enamelled spandrel panel DELOGCOLOR® RC offers you a wide range of standard colours, both for facades and interiors. We recently changed our colour system from RC 68/XX to RAL standard colours. The RC 68/XX shades are no longer available as standard colours. For possible alternative orders please contact the sales and distribution partner that is assigned to you.

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New developments from Wernberg: ALLSTOP® BR4-S-12 und ALLSTOP® BR4-S-42.

Our company has just released the new glass type BR4-S in the resistance classes BR4 S based on DIN EN 1063 and P6B based on DIN EN 356. The new ALLSTOP® type impresses thanks to its testing of resistance to crash and bullets and can be processed in a wide variety of combinations.

The Flood: Bavarians help Bavarians.

The flood in Bavaria severely burdens many people. Everyone could see the shocking reports on television. The good thing: In times of need the Bavarians stand together. The staff of FLACHGLAS Wernberg GmbH wanted to help as well and thus participated with a financial contribution to the donation campaign of the local radio station Antenne Bayern.


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